Maternity Belt - Pregnancy Support Belt, Adjustable Belly Band for Prenancy, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, Beige

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Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belt Adjustable Belly Band For Prenancy Breathable Abdominal Binder Back Support Beige

Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 1Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 2Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 3Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 4Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 5Maternity Belt Pregnancy Adjustable Breathable 6

Pregnanct is the Greatest Thing and the Hardest Thing.
Maternity Belt --- A Must Have For Pregnant To all great pregnant women
Are you experiencing lower lumbar back pain and abdominal discomfort during or post pregnancy? Do you want to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy?
You are not alone, 75% of women have back related pain during and post-partum. Back, pelvic and postural changes can cause unwanted pain and backache, often starting early on in pregnancy and persisting until birth.
The COLDLAST Maternity Belt provides the best baby belly waist support by alleviating lower back, hip, pelvic, leg and knee pain through gentle compression and lift of the abdominal muscles. Wearing our maternity belt takes some of the burden off the lower back by lifting the belly and adding a layer of much needed support.

Gives support for pregnant women who seek relief from hip and pelvic pains and other common stretching pains during pregnancy.

Supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back by lessening spinal pressure effectively.

Provides gentle compression in the abdominal area while supporting your baby bump.

- IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: Helps ease the discomfort PAIN during and post pregnancy by providing support and loving comfort for your baby belly. It helps relieve hip and pelvic pains and you will notice immediate relief during use. The provided gentle compression assists in posture and gives support for abdominal muscles.
- RECOMMENDED BY MOMS! - Every Mom knows the hardship and pains during pregnancy. The most common pains are caused by the heavy weight in the belly. The biggest wish from Moms are to take off the extra weight in the belly, and our belt helps with that!
- MAXIMUM COMFORT AND SUPPORT - The extra strength band helps reduce joint fatigue and muscle soreness, while providing great ventilation with multi-layered soft cotton/nylon lining.
- DAILY USE: Crafted to be worn every day during various activities around the house, work or out , The materials used in the design are of a soft breathable material that allow you ease in bending, sitting, walking and more.

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  • 	Jake 	Jackson
    13 October, 2020

    Jake Jackson

    starstarstarstarstar-half 4.9 out of 5 stars

  • 	Ben 	Taylor
    16 October, 2020

    Ben Taylor

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

  • 	Ali 	Wilson
    14 October, 2020

    Ali Wilson

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

  • 	Cooper 	Jones
    19 October, 2020

    Cooper Jones

    starstarstarstarstar-half 4.9 out of 5 stars

  • 	Oscar 	Miller
    13 October, 2020

    Oscar Miller

    starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

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Maternity Belt - Pregnancy Support Belt, Adjustable Belly Band for Prenancy, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, Beige
starstarstarstarstar-none 4.0 out of 5 stars
By 159 Customers

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