GOTS Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad Protector - Waterproof Cover - Fitted & Quilted with Cotton no Polyester - Ultra Soft & Durable

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Gots Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad Protector Waterproof Cover Fitted Quilted With Cotton No Polyester Ultra Soft Durable

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I'M A LITTLE TEAPOT - Is a little Australian company with a big heart. We support clean, chemical free living.


Organic cotton is both eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Our cotton is not genetically engineered and is grown without the use of chemicals making it 100% organic. We treat our cotton gently & respectfully. It is picked, washed & woven. We are very proud of it. We love it!

- 100% Organic Cotton Filled Quilting. With organic cotton top, & organic cotton skirt.
- No Cheap Polyester Filling. Baby will not overheat and wake up sweaty.
- Waterproof. Certified OEKO-TEX polyurethane to waterproof & protect your crib mattress. (Non toxic & VOC free)
- SO Soft! Perfect for brand new skin & toddlers.
- Not a blanket Thin quilting without the bulk.
- Quiet. No loud crinkly plastic for a restful therapeutic sleep!
- No Chemical Smell. No vinyl smell.
- Reinforced Seams. Fitted cotton skirt, no polyester.
- Will Not Pill. No fuzz balls after washing.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Chemical Free. Lead free & phthalate free. (GOTS certified)
- Will Not Shrink. Fits crib size, 28 x 52.

- Lifetime money back guarantee.


Our secret is the cotton wool filled quilting. Imagine laying your heavenly little baby down to sleep on a cotton slip FULL OF COTTON WOOL. That's what you will be doing when you buy our deluxe crib mattress pad. Our product makes you feel safe knowing that you made the right choice. Babies deserve chemical free bedding.


Take care and remember being mom and dad is hard work, you're doing a great job!

- LAY YOUR BABY TO SLEEP ON OUR DOWNY SOFT MATTRESS PAD QUILTED WITH PURE COTTON WOOL! It's delectable. No other mattress pad has cotton filled quilting, if you read carefully on other crib pads, somewhere you will read 'polyester fill'. Our cotton is organic cotton all the way through, we don't blend it with anything, and you can tell as soon as you touch it, it was grown this way. It's plush & luxurious. You'll feel content & happy knowing you searched & found the best protector for your baby.
- EXTREMELY DURABLE. Save yourself a load of time and energy knowing you can strip your bubs crib sheets and throw them in the washing machine without any fussy care instructions. Our gorgeous crib bedding has organic cotton fitted sides which means no shredding in the dryer. You can expect our crib pad to last and last, without loosing its shape or waterproofing. Other brands have a polyester skirt. Our crib pad WILL last longer than any others featuring polyester. Luxury crib bedding, lasts!
- SAFE OEKO-TEX certified polyurethane waterproofing is encased in cotton so it won't stick together in the dryer and crack and split. This sandwiching technique makes our crib sheet very soft, and very quiet so your tiny baby can gently wriggle about without being disturbed. You can rest assured that your baby's mattress will be protected and mold free. You will feel calm & confident knowing you provided a safe sleep surface with no toxic offgassing for your tiny bub. A perfect baby shower gift!
- The DELUXE COTTON FILLED QUILTING will add just the right amount of extra softness to your little one's crib mattress, making every sleep feel like a cuddle. Look terrific & feel rested as your baby sleeps longer & sounder on our organic, neutral crib pad. Moms tell us their babies sleep longer! They say their babies take longer to settle when their crib pad is in the wash. That's because babies respond to the gentle warmth the cotton provides. They feel snug, & they breath easy. It's a winner!
- Lastly, we are GOTS certified so you can trust our cotton. We are passionate & caring people. Everything we do at I'm A Little Teapot is for the well being and comfort of your child. We are moms too! Sleep surfaces matter. They are so important. We are very excited & proud to bring this special nursery item to market. Remember, being a mom is hard work & YOU ARE A GREAT MOM! (ps, you don't look tired , & you are more beautiful than you think you are!)

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    11 December, 2019

    Lachlan Brown

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    07 December, 2019

    Ben Thomas

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    12 December, 2019

    Luke Miller

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    06 December, 2019

    Jai Anderson

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  • 	James 	Johnson
    08 December, 2019

    James Johnson

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GOTS Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad Protector - Waterproof Cover - Fitted & Quilted with Cotton no Polyester - Ultra Soft & Durable
starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars
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