Elechomes Electric Grill Griddle with LED Touch Control - 900W Microcrystal Glass Grill/Griddle with Even Heating, Build in Far-infrared Heating Technology, Cleaning Brush Included

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Elechomes Electric Grill Griddle With Led Touch Control 900w Microcrystal Glass Grill Griddle With Even Heating Build In Far Infrared Heating Technology Cleaning Brush Included

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Elechomes Glass-ceramic Electric Griddles - A Lighter Way of Living

Cook up a storm with the Elechomes Electric Griddle, a life hack in the kitchen that combines the rapid efficiency of induction cooking with the compact design of a countertop griddle.

Elechomes' latest Thermospread technology uses a twin layer of insulators under the conductor to direct energy directly to the surface top, enabling the skillet to go from cool to a crackling 400°F in just 4 minutes.

Putting on the perfect pancakes couldn't be easier with Elechomes. The skillet surface layer is made from a single glass-ceramic panel that allows even heat distribution within the 4 white corner marks (8"x 12 "): Enough space to fit a first round for the whole breakfast table in a single serving.

Taking a u-turn on the entree? Elechomes keep ingredients piping hot on the edge of the skillet while wok up any last minute additions.Sizzle up a stir fry, or try your hand at some teppan-yaki. Cool touch edges prevent any accidental burns while you're working with the skillet , and the units touch control panel is raised above the cooking surface, away from the heat source.

Clean up with Elechomes is an after thought. The pan offers easy food release and has no coatings, making it far more resistant to extended use than traditional nonstick skillets. Pair that with a 30 day replacement guarantee and 12 month warranty and you've got a recipe for a contact grill you can count on.

Package Contents

1 * Elechomes Electric Griddle

1 * User Manual

1 * Warranty Card


Suddenly stop heating during use

Cause: The temperature is too high, power failure protection

- High-tech & super-healthy panel: Thanks to the back-film heating technology and the microcrystal glass panel, Elechomes electric griddle is non-toxic and free of electromagnetic radiation, which won't do harm to your health. Better still, the microcrystal glass panel can distribute the heat evenly and help prevent the loss of water from food, easy to make healthy and delicious food and highly suitable for a family meal.
- Multi-function & Temperature Control:Ideal for BBQ, FRY, WARM.Also with 7 level Heat Settings. When you're cooking on an electric griddle, it's important to remember that all of the foods won't cook at the same heat. Elechomes griddle can be freely adjusted using the touch controls. Can choose different heat levels according to different foods, perfect for a variety of recipes with your family.
- Safe Sizzling: Little kids burn themselves by accident when running around the griddle. Elechomes griddle with cool-touch edges and twin layer insulation to minimize the risk of burns and scalds. Family can be relaxing enjoy griddle good time
- Easy to Clean: The grease tray is removable and The microcrystal glass panel has no external coatings and wipes clean easily with a wet cloth or steel wool pad.
- Recommend: Use foil sheets. Not only the prevention of food moisture losses but also don't have to rinse the grill!

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  • 	Joel 	Taylor
    19 September, 2020

    Joel Taylor

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    19 September, 2020

    Alexander Brown

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  • 	Matthew 	Wilson
    18 September, 2020

    Matthew Wilson

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  • 	Jeremy 	Jackson
    17 September, 2020

    Jeremy Jackson

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  • 	Brendan 	Moore
    18 September, 2020

    Brendan Moore

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Elechomes Electric Grill Griddle with LED Touch Control - 900W Microcrystal Glass Grill/Griddle with Even Heating, Build in Far-infrared Heating Technology, Cleaning Brush Included
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